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Space-Time before big bang?

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    Could it be possible that space-time might have existed before the big bang,
    but separately?

    And that "time" somehow collided with "space", and then
    merged together into space-time, and in the
    process created energy as a bi-product?

    Or how about if "time" collided with "space" like above, but instead of merging,
    time transformed into energy, and space transformed into expansion.

    Is any of these ideas possible?
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    Every idea is possible (not necessarily in this world though), but I for one cannot tell what the idea is here, especially what the sentence "time collides with space" is alluding to.

    Have you had a chance to look at the forum guidelines yet ?
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    The idea here is that space-time might once have been separate from each other, and also that they might have existed before the big bang.
    And as they existed before the big bang in some strange and separate form, they somehow collided.
    And that it was this which made the big bang happen, and that it was this which gave our universe energy as a bi-product of the collision.

    The other idea is basically the same. But instead of time and space merging, they were kept separate but "space" (whatever thing it was before the big bang) transformed into expanding space thanks to "time" colliding with it.
    And "time" transformed into energy (and later matter) thanks to "time" colliding with "space".

    When I think about the possibility of "time" and "space" existing before the big bang, I think that they could have completely different properties than they do have now.
    Therefore I say "space" and "time" collided as they were particles, because they've could've been whatever before the big bang.
    But collided is more a word a chosed to just to explain this as easly as possible.

    I have skimmed through the guidelines. Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
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    It's not a matter of section, it's something about speculative posts and personnal theories, and refering to published papers and such, can't remember exactly... Have a look:smile:
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    Perhaps you are not aware of it but "big bang" has two totally separate meanings. (1) the theory of the evolution of the universe since one Plank Time after the "singularity" and (2) the "singularity". The singularity is where our math models break down and we don't know WHAT was going on. People mistakenly believe (due to a heavy dose of misinformation in the pop-sci media) that the Big Bang Theory posits a starting point, as you have expressed. Actually, it doesn't. It posits a point beyond which we cannot extend our models back any further in time and it makes NO statement as to what was happening prior to one Plank Time.

    SO ... your question about "before the big bang" is really a question about "before the big bang singularity" and since we, by definition, don't know what the singularity was or what caused it and what may or may not have been before it (since it is an undefined event/process/whatever), then you can offer any speculation you like about it and any time before it.

    Some speculation makes more sense than others but there's a lot of it out there, several of them having adherents among serious physicists.

    Your posting, by the way, was not in the wrong section, what wabbit was referring to is that you are offering personal speculation with no basis in science, and that is against the forum rules. This is one of the few forums where the rule are taken seriously, so best you do more than skim them.

    When I said you can offer any speculation you choose about "pre-singulariy" I did NOT mean to imply that you can do it on this forum I meant that as a person you can do it but if you want to discuss unsupported speculation on that or any other topic, this is not the forum to do so. It's a GREAT forum for learning actual science but the moderators have found that allowing speculation brings the fruitcakes out of the woodwork and threads devolve into blather so Greg runs a pretty tight ship here.
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    Thread closed for Moderation...
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    Thread will remain closed. Speculation is not allowed at the PF. Please re-check the Rules link under Info at the top of the page.
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