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B Space time fabrics with Gravity

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    Why does an object is attracted towards Earth according to Einstein?? I only know that celestial objects are attracted due to curve made by another massive object but what happens in case of objects attached to Earth??
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    Gravity is curvature of spacetime. That's true whether the source of gravity is a star or the Earth or you. The "strength" of curvature is different in each case, but the idea is the same.
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    So u mean to say that due to curvature made by Earth's mass, we r attracted towards Earth?? Or something else?
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    Basically. Spacetime near any body with mass doesn't obey the rules of Euclidean geometry. The notion of things moving in straight lines unless acted on by a force is replaced by things moving along curves (towards the Earth) unless acted on by a force - such as the floor pushing up on you. The videos that A.T. posted above are good illustrations.
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    I think Im much small(15 year old) to understand such physics but I will continue my curiosity
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    Thanks for help
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    Just to offer input, Einstein thought of gravity as more of a "side-effect" of the curvature of space time, compared to Newton's view of gravity being an attraction of massive bodies.
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