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Space-time singularity

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    What is space-time singularity?
    How it formed...?
    Is singularity possible..?
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    "singularity" means "the place where our math models break down and we don't know WHAT is happening". They are "physical" because there is something there, but not something that we understand. For example, the center of a black hole is a "singularity" but we have no idea what's really there. Maybe when we get a theory of Quantum Gravity we'll have a better understanding.
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    How the space and time meet..?
    Time is not a physical quantity na...?
    Time is just a measure of interval between occurring event..
    Then how it meets with space...?
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    It sounds to me as though you would be much better off reading some fundamental cosmology rather than asking scattered questions on an internet forum. This is a great place to get clarification when you read something you don't understand, but just asking scattered question is not a good way to learn physics.
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    I'm sorry - are we having a conversation? Or are you just writing down a bunch of scattered questions and not bothering to read the answers.
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    Hmmm... Sure I will.. I will back if I have any doubts...
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    Spacetime is a very basic concept in relativity; the best place to learn about it is a good textbook. Taylor & Wheeler's Spacetime Physics is one such text. You will be much better able to ask useful questions after you have an understanding of the fundamentals.
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