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Spatial & Visual Thinkers

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    Alright, I am a VERY big visual learner. Always have been. I learn more through pictures and visual representation. Any audio simply confuses me.

    Now see, I don't know if everybody can visualize stuff like I can. I assume that you can though. I can picture ANYTHING happening before me. Like if I look down the street, I can see a car flipping in the air and people doing whatever I wanted them to. This applies to anything. But anyways, what kind of career is best with this? I am currently a physics major which seems like the right track. I am focusing on quantum physics which might also be the right track? I just wanted to hear what everyone has to say of spatial and visual learners/thinkers.

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    Elementary school teacher?
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    oh yea... so i can show kids how to color.
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    Maybe pornstar?
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    Well, I've personally found that physics requires quite a bit of spatial reasoning skills. So at least it looks like you're in the right place.
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    digital art career? u play too much games?
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    No matter how much you learn from listening and reading, if you can't see a problem in your minds eye, you are going to have a difficult time learning a lot of science.

    Spatial ability or lack thereof seems to be one of the big reasons why young people make posts here asking for help. Their usual first comment is: " I don't know where to start".

    Start by drawing a freaking diagram of those vector forces and turn off the dam TV.:tongue2:
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    And learning to spell isn't a handicap either... :rolleyes:
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    LOL :biggrin:
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    In regards to the TV comment (nothing to do with spelling)...

    This may seem strange, but I find that I am unable to study when there isn't some minimal level of background chatter. As an undergrad, I lived right across from the student union, and since I studied there, it was never a problem. But yesterday I was in my apartment studying for my PhD qualifier, and I found that I had some sort of strange mental block. Curiously, it went away as soon as I turned on the TV!

    Of course, I might be an odd case. I don't recommend that others study with the TV on.
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    you probably couldn't go wrong with physics or math. poincare & riemann were very visual people also & look at what they did.
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    Physicscrap, I seriously think that the primary consideration here is what do you want to do?
    What turns your crank? The visualization ability can be a serious advantage in any field. I have pretty much the same thing, and it comes in extremely handy. It makes my graphics a lot easier to design, it allows me to do a blueprint in my head while I'm trying to design a machine, and it allows me to understand some aspects of physics and engineering that I don't have the math for. It even made a huge difference when I was writing, because I would see everything as if it were a movie and then put it into words.
    You have an ability, period. Lots of people have lots of abilities. What you have to do is find out how to best apply your ability to something that you will truly enjoy doing.
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