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Physics Special Branches of Physics & Chemistry that have scope in the future.

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    I require some guidance on my career. My school offers a very vague stream sellection in the senior secondary section(Grade 11). I do wish to specialise in Physics or Chemistry as these subjects interest me quite a lot. To do so I must opt for the 'Science with Computer Science Group) at school. After passing out of higher secondary school(Grade 12)
    1. I require some guidance on what Engineering branch to do for under graduation.
    2.Also a list of prominent colleges/universities around the world for under graduation shall make things more lucid for me.
    3.Also give me advice on what to do after UG.
    4.What branches of Physics & Chemistry has good scope in the future. I had read some posts previosly and it appeared to me that there was no scope left for these subjects.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance given!
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    Vicky, assuming you're from an English speaking country, your first effort should be to take a decent language arts class. No matter which field you choose, you will need to communicate. Your post here leaves me puzzled.

    I'll answer your questions in order:

    1. I presume you mean "what should I study to prepare for engineering?"

    If that is is the case, study math and physics. Don't just stick with classic physics, branch out to electrical and nuclear physics as well. Although, to be perfectly honest, the admission exams in the US are focused mostly on classical physics.

    2. If you live in North America, the lists provided by US News and World Report is not a bad place to start, and there are others.

    3. What should you do after University Graduation? (I think) I don't know who you are, what interests you have, or what sort of lifestyle you would like to live. Without knowing that, I can't make any suggestions. I chose a fairly conventional job and settled down to a married life. I am happy.

    4. By "scope" I think you may mean novel or interesting work. Allow me to point out some very interesting history: Not long after James Clerk Maxwell's work became known, there was suggestion by many among the Physics community that everything in Physics was now known. Obviously that proved to be very incorrect.

    When you dig further in to your studies you may find all sorts of things that interest you. Be aware of them and follow them. But don't forget to have a life outside of your work.
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