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Specific and surface activity of nuclear waste

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    Dear all,

    I am looking for more information how specific activity [itex] \frac{Bq}{g} [/itex] and surface activity [itex] \frac{Bq}{cm^2}[/itex] is measured. This is done to determine whether the materials of interest can be treated as harmless and disposed as usual waste. I am interested how the experimental procedure looks like. I don't know how the name is in English, but in German this is called "Freimessung" Actually one measures the activity [itex] A_i [/itex] and compares it to given limits [itex] FG_i [/itex] using sums of the form
    \sum_i \frac {A_i}{FG_i} < 1
    Thank you for your answers
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