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Speed of light

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    I know that light "slows down" when traveling through air (doesn't really slow down but travels further because it traverses 'around' the atoms) but does this effect appear when it travels through fields of radiation and or heavy magnetism? just curious... and I AM an idiot if you're wondering... lead paint chips are tasty.... mmmmmm...
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    could you be a good chap and maybe send a link to a public paper or the like that shows the results of experiments?

    again i am not bright and can never find these things myself...
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    It is the electric and magnetic forces within air that cause light to slow down, so electric and magnetic fields could cause the same effect. Not sure if a constant magnetic field would. Someone here should have a better explanation, sorry can't think of a good article on the subject.
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    no worries... i appreciate the reply!
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    look up refractive index
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