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Stability of SU-8 Pillars

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    I am trying to make PDMS wells (50 um diameter, 100-200 um deep) and was considering using a SU-8 mould fabricated by lithography. This would however mean that I would be making 50um diameter/100-200 um high pillars. I am unsure about the mechanical stability of this system. Will the pillars hold during spincoating of PDMS?
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    Thanks to Greg for the "bump" :cool: which made me see that post by chance.
    The SU8 pillars should be OK if you make sure that the adhesion to the wafer will be good (a typical problem is pillars coming off during unmoulding).
    However, if you spin fast enough then I suppose that it will be possible to loose pillars too. It is unclear why for you it is necessary to spin (or at least, why you would spin fast) if you want to make wells. I could see why you would spin if you wanted to make through-holes in PDMS.
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