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Standard Ref. for basic subjests in BSc in Physics

  1. Jul 31, 2008 #1
    General Physics: Halliday, Feynman
    Classical Mechanics: Gregory, Kibble, Goldstain, Landau
    Waves: Main, Pain, Coulson, French
    ElectroMagnetism: Reitz, Griffths, Jackson, Schwinger
    Optics: Born, Hecht
    Relativity: Resnick, French, Russer, Wheeler
    Quantum Mechanics: Merzbacher, Gasiorowicz, Griffiths, Liboff, Heisenberg, Sakurai, Shankar, Schiff, Rae, Messiah
    Thermal & Statistical Mechanics: Blundell, Reif, Huang, Feynman
    Solid State: Kittel, Ashcroft
    Nuclear & Particle Physics: Martin,Griffiths, Krane, Lilley, Perkins, Born
    Mathematical Physics: Riley, Arfken

    For QFT "not elementary subject in BSc level but for me it's":Peskin, Weinberg, Huang, Ryder
    I think most of us're knowing how to get them:wink:
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    Don't forget Young & Freedmans "University physics" :)
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