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Starting point

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    Can anyone recommend the best introductory resources for physics. resources for someone who has just started to learn the basics would be good.
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    Short of knowing basic algebra and math you should pick up a textbook on linear and 2 dimensional motion. The book will progress into Newtons laws, forces, friction, collisions, and other basic motion situations.
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    You should probably say what level of schooling you have reached (high school, college, etc) and what math and physics courses you have taken before if you want useful advice about this.
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    I am looking for high school level resourses
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    Have you taken calculus? Have you taken ANY physics before?
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    I have taken cxc level physics but I had a hard time understanding physics. so i would like some thing simple to start with.
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    I don't know what "cxc level physics" is but I think I have an idea where you stand now. I would recommend the following website:

    http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/Phys/Class/BBoard.html [Broken]

    in order to improve your understanding of the basic physics. The author explains things very clearly and thoroughly with lots of visual aids that make it easy to read. You will also need to find a source of problems to work through since you cannot learn physics without doing problems. For that I'm not really sure what to tell you but for a start you could go back to the problems that you had difficulty in the course you referred to.
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    thanks alot for the link.
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