A Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering"

In summary, the person is looking for a map of the field of electronics engineering that goes beyond basic undergraduate course outlines. They are seeking a comprehensive map that includes fundamentals, applications, subtopics, explanations, resources, prerequisites, interdisciplinary areas, and "frontiers" of the field. They are asking for recommendations for such a resource or for any introductory readings that provide an overview of the field.
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Summary:: I was wondering if there was a map of electronics engineering much like this does for physics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZihywtixUYo).

I realize that looking at undergrad course outlines should give a decent picture of the field. However I am looking for a more comprehensive map which also includes the following :

  1. Fundamentals of the field (down to the underlying physics concepts)
  2. Extends to areas of application/ industry
  3. Sub topics and their categorisation
  4. A basic explanation of what each sub topic is about (for instance I was looking up a course outline and topics like "Signal Processing and Linear Systems" etc hardly ring a bell for a complete beginner like me much like "Interference" or "Network Analysis" would not ring a bell if I were to open a high school physics textbook before high school...)
  5. Possibly even a list of best resources to learn each subtopic from...
  6. In a parallel list prerequisites from mathematics for each area
  7. Highlights interdisciplinary areas (with computer engineering/ biology etc) as well as the 'frontiers' of the field...

I would be grateful if you could :
  • Link such a resource if it exists...
  • Give as much information as you can and I will try to compile it ( assuming this would be useful), although this would take me a while as I am a complete beginner...
Additionally, are there any introductory/casual reads which give an overall perspective about the field (much like Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything)?
Thank you for your help!
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Since you want to map to guide you to choose courses, I moved this thread to academic guidance.

1. What is a Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering"?

A Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" is a visual representation of the different areas of study and applications within the field of electronics engineering. It includes topics such as circuit design, semiconductors, microelectronics, and telecommunications. It serves as a guide for students and professionals to understand the various components and connections of electronics engineering.

2. How can a Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" be used in education?

A Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" can be used as a reference tool for students to understand the different topics within the field and how they are interconnected. It can also be used as a study aid for exams and as a guide for curriculum development. Additionally, it can help students to identify areas of interest for further study and research.

3. Are there any specific industry applications represented in the Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering"?

Yes, the Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" includes a wide range of industry applications such as consumer electronics, medical devices, aerospace and defense, and renewable energy. It also covers emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are becoming increasingly important in the electronics industry.

4. How often is the Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" updated?

The Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" is regularly updated to reflect new advancements and developments in the field. As technology and industry needs evolve, the map is updated to ensure it remains comprehensive and relevant.

5. Can the Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" be used as a career planning tool?

Yes, the Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering" can be used as a career planning tool. It provides a comprehensive overview of the different areas of electronics engineering, allowing individuals to identify their areas of interest and potential career paths. It can also help professionals in the field to identify areas for growth and development in their careers.

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