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Step by step algorithm to calculate VLE data from Redlich-Kwong?

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    I keep on reading that VLE data may be calculated from the Redlich-Kwong. In line with this, I have these questions:

    1) How accurate is the VLE data generated with the Redlich-Kwong as compared to using the vapor pressures to calculate these VLE data?
    2) Can you guys give me a link, or even better, a rundown which includes step by step instructions on how to calculate VLE using Redlich-Kwong?

    Thanks and more power.
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    The Redlich-Kwong equation is an EOS used to predict PVT behavior of a pure vapor species at pressures above the ideal gas region. If you are dealing with a vapor mixture in equilibrium with a liquid phase at a pressure above which the ideal gas equation applies, one can use ideal solution theory to predict the VLE behavior. Part of this procedure makes use of an equation of state to predict the fugacities of the various species in the gas phase. Sometimes people use Redlich-Kwong. See Smith and Van Ness.

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