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Stock market game for kids

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    Here's a good way to help children understand the stock market: play a game. Write out cards that say STOCK. Make enough cards for each player. Pass out fake money to each player. Get dice out and decide which face values correspond to how much money will be spent on a stock. Make sure the players have enough money to afford the maximum amount. Then:

    Player 1 goes first. He or she picks another player. Then Player 1 rolls the dice and he or she pays what the dice say to pay.

    Player 2 goes next. He or she does the same thing.

    The person who ends up with the most money is the winner.
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    So stock prices are determined by a roll of the dice? Wow! Come to think of it, it seems that's what a lot of financial advisers think (but they don't tell you). They don't do any better than darts on average, why not dice?

    See observation 3, monkey throwing darts.
    http://www.ifa.com/Library/whatsnewarchieve.asp [Broken]
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    Why would you want children to learn anything about a stockmarket?
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