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Stress forces on a cubic case due to a vacuum

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    This question is really out of curiosity, and also due to my very limited knowledge of basic physics(biomed sciences tend to not teach you this).

    Say I wanted to create a vacuum inside a metal cubic casing with the following parameters:

    -The case is a cube, that measure 1x1x1m, so has a volume of 1m^3.
    -The pressure inside is 24 torr, whilst the pressure outside is 760 torr(atmospheric).

    What kind of stress force would this casing have to endure? Would it be realistic to build a casing this size, maybe 2-4cm in thickness, that could withstand such a pressure without collapsing?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Why not just rent a diver's pressure chamber? They can withstand tens of positive atmospheres. They'll be able to withstand one negative atmosphere.
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