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Structural formulas

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    Last Question.. I promise!
    a)Using structural formula show the reactions between:
    i) HBr and 2-propene
    ii) 1-butanol and 1-propanoic acid.
    b) How many isomers are possible in (i)
    c) Name the type of reacion in (i), In (ii)
    d) To what family does the organic product in (ii) belong?

    K what I got so far is ( look in the attachment)
    In i Is it right, have I done it correctly and in ii) Im not sure how I put them together? I have no clue???

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    Can't see the document, since I don't have word with me at the moment (old version of works). i) is an addition reaction ii) is an esterification, and as implied ii) product is an ester, occurs through nucleophilic addition elimination.

    although considered allylic route for i)...don't think it'll be a factor in this case, since the caranion intermediate won't have an electrophilic bromine to react with. Not to mention they should have indicated low concentrations of bromine reactant, if they wished for you to consider this

    Also, if you're referring to propene, not 2-propene as this does not make any sense (can you tell me why?), be sure to indicate so

    Just be sure to refer to figures in your text, in drawing out the general equation
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    I dunno, a lot of ochem books say stupid stuff like 2-propene....at least mine did
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