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Structure of C2H4

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    I need to determine possible sigma and pi orbitales of C2H4 molecul using theory of group representations and symetry.It is asked to take from C atom all orbitales with n=2.
    I think it could be D2h group of symetry,bu it doesn,t have 2dimensional ireducibile representations that a responsible for pi orbitales.
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    Dr Transport

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    D2h is the correct point group for C2H4 from what I can tell from my well worn copy of Infrared and Raman Spectra by Herzberg pg 150.
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    Thanks for the answer.I am interested if there are some articles published in recent scientifical physical journals about structure of C2H4,especialy by use of group symmetry.I found only works of Mulican from 1933. year and lennard Jones from 1950. year.
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