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Engineering Study Engineering at 38?

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    Study Engineering at 38??

    I have always worked in sales and customer services. I fancy a change and a new challenmge and have recently developed an amateur interest in Physics and Engineering although my only real experience of engineering is passing my GCSE Physics exam at school (that's a basic British school qualification) and learning how to service my car.
    I have a local colleage where I can do a 3 year part time degree in engineering and I am thinking about doing it with a view to moving into technical sales, manufacturing support or something like that?
    Given my age and lack of experience, does anyone think that it is a little futile taking up engineering from scratch at this stage of my life?
    Thanks for your advice.
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    I have a friend about your age who just finished up a degree in EE and his first bachelors was in history, so I know it's doable. I think about half the guys in my classes are over 30, a quarter about 40, though some of them do already have degrees of sorts in the field. So yeah, I don't think age would be an issue.
    Job prospects might be hard 'cause you'd be entry level skill wise but have job experience, making you a strange hiring prospect, but as you want to move into related fields you'd probably be fine. I'm not even sure you need an engineering degree for the fields you want to go into, you may want to do some research.
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    Have a go Gringo123, am 34 this year and 1/2 way through ECE. Its never to late for a fresh start.

    Your experiences will translate into the work ethics required quite easily.

    Good luck with it.
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    Go for it! My only advise is however to brush up your math skills before starting.
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    I don't think age would be an issue.
    I know many people who start a university about this age.
    Go for it.
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    I don't think you could get onto a degree program with GCSE's only. Don't you need 3 good A-levels including Maths at a minimum of grade B, or a good Distiction level performance on an HNC/D program?
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    Re: Study Engineering at 38??

    Any inspiration and opportunity to better yourself should be taken advantage of. You seem motivated enough. Why would you let something like age stop you?

    After all, it's just a number.
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