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Study of tautomerism using radioactive isotopes

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    I've searched for a simple definition, but i couldnt find an illustrated clear one.

    It's about the study of tautomerism using radioactive isotopes, or tracers.
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    Its a form of Isomerism where the two (or more) forms of isomers are interchangable or in dynamic equillibrium, changing from one form to another.

    They sit in equillibrium, the equillibrium point can obv be shifted by changing conditions to favour the formation of one of the isomers.
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    And ismoerism is formation of another molecule that has the same chemical form and bonding with different arrangement, and hence different chemical and physical properties sometimes...??
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    That is correct, there are several types of isomerism.

    Positional, structural, functional, steroisomerism, geometric, optical..
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    Isomers are molecules with the same chemical formula but different structural formulae. This necessarily makes the bond geometry different between two isomers.

    Tautomers are isomers with a "small" activation energy separating them. They typically involve the jump of a proton between nearby atoms.
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    Got it, thanks people.
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