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Study special relativity

  1. Sep 8, 2015 #1
    I started special relativity course at science world u website

    Is this course enough? Or is there is more powerful course?

    I need a book for special relativity from A to Z

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    How would we know unless you supply a link?
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    I think it is enough as an introduction. A course that deals with special relativity would include much more than that course. Although, what they cover there is at a good pace and essential to know if you're going to study special relativity.
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    It's hard to judge from the website. Of course Brian Greene is a well-known expert on relativity, and I guess, he'll give a nice introduction. What's not clear to me is, whether you have to pay something. If it's free of charge, I'd try it. Then there's nothing to loose.
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