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Stupid writer

  1. Aug 15, 2007 #1
    my dvd writer seems to have gone mad. i burned 5 sony dvd's first n they all were fine, then the next one got thrashed and then 2-3 dvd's got wasted. again few next dvd's were fine. all my dvd's were of sony. things continued. now i have about 10-12 fine working dvd's and same number of "REALLY BURNED" dvd's. i even tried some low grade dvd's, they were fine n few sony dvd's got blown up.
    i dont think anything is wrong with the dvd's, i mean so many cant go wrong, can they??
    is there anyway to find out if my dvd writer is working properly or not:confused::confused:
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    Not easily - the writers are so cheap now that it probably isn't worth wasting discs (and data) on a suspect one.
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    thats true but i cant just throw away my writer. i ll first atleast try to know, which one is wrong
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