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Suggestion for a fresher for a project

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    Hi i am naveen well in these days we can find many electrical engineers achievements where there are many mini and main project in those basic small example : on and off of motor in agricultural field by using gsm technology are these Technics are really applied in real life for name sake have we implemented it. only in few places it have been implemented.where as many such applications are there which are not implemented if we implement somewhat we could help our society.and we can get gain knowledge in core part. b-tech graduates are doing this project for name sake (not all, only few are doing heart fully) i don't want all those big projects if at-least we can implement this then we can go to higher project.

    i am going to try one of those mini basic example of agricultural field in remote area i mean in less developed area. i want to built a device with following specification:

    Agricultural Bases:

    1: showing current status
    2: which phase current is there
    3: condition of motor
    4: on and off of motor
    5: minimum usage of current
    6: status of motor

    in India there are still few places where farmers have to travel 5 to 6 km to their field.we have to overcome this difficulty.

    now main question are:

    1: weather this project can be done successfully or not
    2: will anyone support this
    3: what are the dis advantage and advantages in this
    4: is there anything else that we can implement in this
    5: i am working on this i need some more to help me on hardware purpose (its totally voluntary work just for knowledge)

    don't mind it might be silly but i should have a clarity and i need help i thought it might help me
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    Welcome to the PF, Naveen.

    It sounds like you would like to provide farmers with information on the status of some motors at their remote farms. Could you say more about what these motors do? Are they for irrigation or some other purpose?

    And what means do you see using for getting this information from the fields to the farmer's homes? Is powerline communication a possibility, or RF, or cell phone, or other means a possibility?

    What information do you want to transfer, and how ofetn?
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    thanks a lot sir thanks for the reply

    information in sense weather at that moment whats the condition of motor weather is work or not.
    is voltage fluctuation is there or not if its there motor would be damaged. motor in field for irrigation purpose.

    from sitting in home farmer sends a message for status to check weather there is current or not.and if current is there whats the status of irrigation motor.and if motor status is good whats the current status and is every thing is fine motor starts and it runs for required period is automatically shut downs.if any damage occurs to motor it should intimate farmer
    its like totally remote motor control using gsm

    i m just a fresher perusing my 3rd year in b-tech i am having less knowledge in this part i need to know what are the requirements for this which type of circuit board to be used like aurdino board etc or using new technology reberry pi etc

    what are the thing really need for this and what would be the cost for this
    can an ordinary farmer afford it?
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