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Suggestions on Improving Efficiency (Motor-Generator)

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    (Drawing of the setup attached)


    We conduct electrical tests in our lab on electrical components (circuit breakers, switchgears,etc). In the lab we have a short-circuit Generator that generates the electricity for the tests. The generator is powered by an asynchronous motor with a slipring rotor. We are trying to improving the efficiency of this process by measuring our electrical consumption and comparing it with how much we actually need. A suggestion is to feed-in the excess electricity back into the grid.

    Specifications of Motor/Generator:

    Pf= 0.9
    f= 50Hz (R= 2975/min)

    I need suggestion on how we could improve the electrical efficiency of the testing procedure.

    Q) Any other feasible methods on how to save the excess electricity apart from feeding-in the excess electricity into the grid ?

    Q) How would we need to modify the circuit (best method) and what additional components would we need to install to allow us to feed-in the excess electricity ?

    Q) During shut-down of the generator or braking of the generator to slow it down (eg. 1000/min) can we use this mechanical energy to provide electricity to feed-back into grid or circuit. How can we do that and what components will we need to install (In this case the frequency will drop below 50Hz required frequency of the grid.)

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    I would first understand what the typical inductance of the system you are doing work to, and then add enough capacitance to the supply to get a better power factor.
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    just wondering... why can't u power your test circuit directly with lines instead of going throught a generator.
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    I am new here and have enjoyed reading for many years. I have a simple question and I realize it borders on rediculous to ask but here it goes. What example is more effecient in producing electricity. A magnet passing over a coil or a magnet passing through a coil. In other words what is more effecient a shake style flashlight or a crank style flashlight and why.
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