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Homework Help: Sums of different pieces of money

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    How many sums of money can be made from two pennies, four nickles, two quarters, and five dollar coins?

    The answer is 269

    I've tried this question several ways, but cannot get the right answer. Tahnks for your help.
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    Well, you have four different coins. There are three possibilities for the pennies (0, 1 or 2), five for the nickles, three for the quarters and six for the dollars. There are, therefore, 3 * 5 * 3 * 6 = 270 possible combinations of the coins. Since one of those is zero of everything, we eliminate that and are left with 269 possibilities.

    Notice that this is not 269 different possibilities. There are four possibilities there that are worth five cents, for instance. This is simply all the ways you can combine those thirteen coins together.
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