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Surge protector for EMI protection in place of EMI filter

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    can i use surge protector for EMI protection inplace of EMI filter?what the difference between them?
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    Re: protection

    A surge protector is a device that usually consists of at least one metal oxide varistor (MOV). The idea here is to act as a switch at high speeds momentarily limiting the voltage the terminals of the MOV. Depending on the power grid voltage in your country that value changes.

    An EMI filter without getting into detail is a filter that filter the conducted EMI (electromagnetic interference).

    Some "power strips" have one or the other or both. It depends on what you have. So the answer is NO a surge protector will not take the place of an EMI filter. However if you mean a power strip or what ever you would like to call it that has surge protection AS WELL AS EMI protection then YES its obvious that it will also filter EMI.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: urge protector for EMI protection inplace of EMI filter

    Surge protector don't do anything if the voltage is not over the limit, it is as if it's not there. So if the EMI is not over voltage, surge protector is transparent. No, it will not serve as EMI filter.
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