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Survey question Types: JAR?

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    I'm building a(n online) survey and the client has specified many question types, such as slider, Lickert Scale, checkboxes, matrix, radio, free text, etc.
    (so, the list is a mix - of question types and visual representations of answer types)

    The very first one on the list simply called JAR. Any ideas what this might be? I assume it's an acronym - and a common one in marketing survey land - but what?
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    Just About Right?

    http://academic.uprm.edu/fjperez/Backup%20Agosto%2021%202016/CITA/CITA%206016%20-%20Sensorial/Libro%20Texto/ASTM%20MNL63%20JAR%20Scales.pdf [Broken]
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    Perfect! Thank you!

    (Not sure what Google terms you used, but "acronym JAR survey question" and various permutations turned up nothing).
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