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Switch electrical ratings

  1. Mar 25, 2006 #1
    While searching for a replacement push button switch for a kitchen appliance, I have run across electical ratings that I do not understand. I'd appreciate any explanations anyone is willing to give.

    1. 3A-125V-T - I assume this means that the switch can support a current of 3A at 125 volts AC. What does the 'T' mean. I've read that there is a T rating that indicates that the switch can support the initial current surge that occurs when an incandescent light bulb (Tungsten filament) is turned on. This switch did come off of an appliance light switch. Is this the correct interpretation of the 'T' rating?

    2. 6A 125 V L - What does the 'L' rating indicate?

    3. 6A 125 V CA - What does the 'CA' rating indicate?

    4. 3A 125 VAC / 6A 125 VAC - I'm assuming the first rating means the switch can support a 3 ampere current at 125 Volts AC. The second rating presumably indicates the switch can support a 6 ampere current at 125 volts AC. If the switch can support a 6A current, why bother to put the 3A rating on the switch. Isn't that a bit redundant and unecessary?

    Thanks for the help
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