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Switching programs in graduate school.

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    I've recently finished applying to a few doctoral programs in chemistry for next fall, but I am now thinking that maybe I should have looked into chemical engineering instead. I'm just getting a feeling that chemical engineering would be a bit more interesting and that there might be more job opportunities. So, I know that the policies vary from university to university, but in general, how difficult would it be to switch programs after I start graduate school?
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    You're right, policies vary. But in general, it is quite a bit more difficult than changing majors as an undergrad. As an undergrad, admissions are done by the university. In grad school, they are done by the department.
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    I agree. There may be a remote chance that as a chemistry student you can do your research under a professor or adjuct professor in Chem E... but you'll still have to do the chemistry coursework and comprehensive (or qualifying) exams, and get your degree in Chemistry, unless you reapply to the other program (and therefore delay your graduate studies a year).
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