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Talking with animals

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    Hi all,

    I am so proud of my daughter (11)!
    Around 2 months ago we gave her a puppy, though we all together take care of it. From day one we have put in a lot of effort in teaching him to pie outside (not in the house!).
    My daughter claims to talk with her dog and I have always encouraged that. I know it can be done.
    Last week she said that the dog wanted to get out of his cage (we have a large cage that he spents some time in so he won't pie around all the time). I said tell him that if he does all his pie-ing outside then he doesnt have to go in the cage at all anymore.

    She went to sit in front of the dog en caught his attention. With focus but without words she talked with the dog, she explained him what I had just said. According to her the dog replied:"Yes, but just get me out of here now!"

    She took the dog out and he hasn't pie-ed in the house ever since! It is days now! Isn't that awesome :-)
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    So from what I understand, your dog makes pies?
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    I don't believe people that claim they can speak with animals, your daughter and dog never spoke in the conventional sense. It is just a sense (and for those that ask, it's the 6th sense...) of understanding they have between them. It is roughly the same way I understand when my cat wants something by the way she acts.

    And why would you want to get your dog's pies all dirty in the backyard!? Best you teach the dog to pie all over your dinner plates :wink:
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