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Tattoos and Piercings

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    I was just wondering what everyone thought of the idea of tattoos and piercings:confused:and do they hurt? Any thoughts or experiences on this? Are some good and some bad? i would like any input on the subject.

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    I love both, but don't have any. I've had a piercing that I really wanted, twice, but my immune system won't accept them. Both just grew out and fell off. I think that I figured out a modification that would not grow out (since it would involve about 4 inches of tunneling), but my wife can't stand the idea of any body modification. I'm still thinking about doing it anyhow, but it's an 'iffy' situation.
    Wait for Doc Toxin to weigh in; he's got some awesome art.
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    No piercings for me, I used to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have been itching to do that or different grappling since I stopped. Long story short, if I get it pulled, it hurts. Don't want to take it off before every class, either.

    No tattoos because it would have to be something I designed myself and I suck at that. Even if I did make something awesome, I change my mind too often to stick with it and not hate myself later.
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    I find both to be disgusting.

    If a girl has a tattoo on her lower back, multiply the number of guys she said she has slept with by 10. I have yet to see a tattoo that I thought looked good. Im sorry, having razor wire around your bicep is played out and stupid.
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    you think that's bad...I saw a guy today walking on the street who had a crown of thorns around his NECK. I was like :surprised
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    I have to agree with my man Cyrus here.
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    What do you think of belly button piercings then?
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    The standard "picked off of the wall" tattoos like something on the lower back or the barbed wire around the biceps we can agree is stupid, but what do you think of tattoos that are original?

    And what about pierced ears? Do you find those disgusting as well? I mean, they are pretty standard these days, even the previous generation saw them as nothing special.
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    Haha sooooo many girls at UA have tramp stamps.
  11. Apr 15, 2008 #10
    LOL "tramp staps".....
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    I love both (on real people).

    I use to date a girl with a very hot tatoo on her lower back. She designed it herself (was a painter) and it looked amazing, but she had very little experience with men, and was boring in bed.
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    I take it you've met every single chick on this planet with a tattoo on that area to justify this claim?
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    I have 2 panthers and a celtic knot,pain is relative but high density ( filling in) is agony, after 30 mins under the needle one wishes for an end.
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    My daughter has had the corners of her upper and lower lips pierced and has put rings in the holes to link them together. I can't imagine what that feels like and refuse to find out. It is illegal to pierce kids under 18 in this state without a parent's permission, but she had it done by a friend (???) and won't say who it was. She assures me that on her 18th birthday she is going to get a tattoo, location unspecified. She is very good at drawing and is considering becoming a tattoo artist herself. That girl pokes a big hole in her father's heart.
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    My hubby and I have little matching tattoos but I'm not saying what / where :wink:
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    on the same track, if a guy has piercings divide the number of girls he said he has slept with by 10
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    Wow, there's parental love and support for you.
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    What do you do with the tenths of girls...?
  20. Apr 15, 2008 #19
    save them up and recycle
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    Jimmy, I can relate. My 15-1/2 year old daughter has decided that "high school sucks" and has gone from and honor student in AP classes to, well, barely passing her easiest class. Sigh. So much for getting into a good college straight out of high school!

    It's tough watching your kids make decisions that you *know* they'll later regret. But, I made quite a few of those myself at that age, and managed to do OK!
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