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Tension in ropes unevenly supporting a beam

  1. Jan 23, 2009 #1
    Let's say we have a uniform beam with a weight of 10N that is 1m long. If there are two ropes holding it up that are positioned at x=0m and x=0.75m how would the gravitational force of the weight of the beam be distributed to the ropes?
    |------0.75m-----| 0.25m

    I was thinking that I would have to utilize Ftorque=0, but there are two unknowns. Either I need to find another piece of information, or use a different approach. To clarify the centre of mass is at the centre of the beam (x=0.5m). How would I calculate Ftension of each rope?
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    The sum of the forces must equal zero, and the sum of the torques must equal zero. Draw a FBD and write out your force equation. Then write out your torque equation.

    HINT: You can select any point you like when summing the torques.

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