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Homework Help: Tension Problem in glider

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    There's a plane pulling two gliders. The first glider is 310 kg while the second glider is 260 kg. The place itself it 2200 kg and is pulling at 1.9 m/s squared.
    I need to figure out the tension of the first rope and the second rope. I found the net force on the first plane by taking the total Newton value for both the first glider and the plane and subtracting the mass of the second glider times 1.9

    I Thought this would give the tension force of the rope.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    What's a good FBD for this?
    Here's what I thought it was

    <--------- ---> ---->
    gliders rope plane

    Any help? :)
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    Welcome to PF.

    Is this a correct diagram:

    G1-----G2-----P →

    G1 and G2 are the gliders
    P is the plane
    ----- are the ropes
    everything is moving to the right (shown by arrow to right of P)

    If that diagram is correct, I would draw 3 separate FBD's for each glider and plane and take it from there.
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