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I Tesla Tower Transmission Question

  1. Nov 14, 2016 #1
    Several weeks ago I viewed a PBS program on Tesla - which is always interesting, & I learn new information every time I read or view a program about Tesla. Here is a question that is some what of a mystery - was Tesla trying to transmit power through the ionosphere, the regular (lower) atmosphere, or through the ground? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    You won't find much interest in Tesla here on PF. There is too much hyperbole and misinformation about his story, much of it about the wireless power transmission you asked about. What a shame, because Tesla did so many other sound engineering things.
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    I tend to believe the lower atmosphere, based on his patents and the things he built. The following link shows the conditions of atmospheric voltage.

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    through atmosphere using ground for return
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    I always obtain such good responses when I post questions on the forums. So to further expand the discussion I had learned that Tesla had generated massive amplification by using quarter (sine?) waves within the secondary coils (of the Tesla coil). Why is this? How could something as mundane as a quarter wave form be so remarkable? I guess today we could do the same thing with transistors, but what he did was still quite amazing & it is too bad that we could not have made use of it at the time.

    I am examining other advanced uses for quarter waves that may have been over looked by the scientific community.
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    You should not mix Tesla coils and Tesla power tower in the same discussion.

    Tesla coils are widely available and often used. The power tower was an impossible dream.
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