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Tex on my Macintosh.

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    Okay, I started doing some reading about getting Tex for my mac. I don't need anything fancy, in fact the tex tool that you guys use at this online forum has everything that I need.

    I'd like to be able to type up and print short homework assignments. I'm not at the level where I need to compose big fancy research papers.

    So I found this "all in one" tex package and downloaded it, but it's too large for my hard drive. It needs 1GB of space. I only have about 200MB of free space. (My computer is old and I am poor)

    Since Tex is simple enough to run in a web-based forum why can't I find something smaller?

    Is there a web-based editor?
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    D H

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    TeXShop needs but 33 MB, installed. That should leave more than enough room for the download size plus the installed size.
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    That must inlcude a lot of fonts and a complicated gui editor.
    Tex is small - it was written when hard drives were in kilobytes.
    I don't use mac but there are lots of tex for mac pages on google.

    Remember all you need is.
    The tex (or preferably latex engine), some fonts, a viewer
    You might not even need the viewer if you use tex->pdf and have a pdf viewer.
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    Use i-installer: http://ii2.sourceforge.net/ . All you need to have a working (La)TeX installation is to install gwTeX (the one based on TeX Live; teTeX is deprecated). Then, if you want, you can install a (La)TeX editor. Warning: TeX Live is still pretty large (210 MB), so you will want to free up some disk space if you can.

    I think you downloaded MacTeX ( http://www.tug.org/mactex/ ), which is i-installer plus every LaTeX editor, spellchecker, BibTeX front end, and LaTeX package under the sun. The compressed disk image is something like 750 MB, so it's no surprise that I would take 1 GB to install it all.
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