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Textbook on Planetary Formation/Gas Giants

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    Hi there,

    I'm kinda new here, I did a search for similar things and couldn't get anything concrete.

    I'm starting my Undergrad Project in January, and its on Gas Giant Formation. It involves running lots of code to see how particles in an accretion disk apply themselves to a previously formed "rocky core".

    I don't have to worry too much about how the core is formed, but for my literary review/background, I was looking for a textbook that would go through a lot of this. I've looked at Geophysics books and Geology books too but nothing stuck out. I found what looked like a good bet on Amazon, but no library in Britain has it apparently.

    Look Forward to hearing your replies.

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    It's late and I might have misunderstood, but you're looking for a book to aid your understanding on gas-giant formation (as well as formation of the 'rocky core')?

    If so, books on geology and geophysics aren't going to be useful at all, geology is the study of matter that makes up the Earth (i.e. rocks) and geophysics is the study of the Earth in a quantitive way, measuring effects and deducing properties etc. (and, clearly, the Earth is neither a 'rocky-core' involved in the making of a gas-giant, or a gas giant itself)

    I would suggest your best bet is to find some books about planetary formation in general, maybe start of with some basic models on the formation of the Solar System so you can get a feel for what is happening - books on both topics should be in abundance at any good University library.

    That said, if I've misunderstood, i apologize, i'm now going to sleep.
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