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Other Textbooks for different branches of physics

  1. May 9, 2016 #1


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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for good textbooks in
    1) Optics
    2) Astrophysics
    3) Particle Physics
    All of which on an undergraduate level.

    Of course, there are the textbooks stated in the syllabuses of each course but I would rather hear from your own experiences with books on which could be helpful and comprehensible.


    If you know of any good lecture notes, that can also be helpful.

    Thank you!
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    While you're waiting for someone to respond with specific suggestions, you might try the SEARCH feature at the top right corner of the page. Simply enter the subject. Or, if you know the name of a textbook author, searching for it will often find threads that also discuss other books on the same subject.
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    For optics, I like Hecht, any edition, and Fowles is pretty good too. Hecht also wrote the Schaum's outline of optics, which people seem to like, but I've never read myself.

    For undergraduate particle physics, I have to recommend Griffiths Introduction to Elementary Particles. It covers all the broad strokes that one should know to have context when studying quantum field theory later.
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