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Texts for Vibration

  1. Dec 11, 2008 #1

    Can anyone recommend a text for Vibration. My university recommends Mechanical Vibrations by S.S Rao but it has received bad reviews. I am an undergraduate in my second year and prefer the sound of a book that makes this less complicated...?


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    Anything by Timoshenko is great.

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    Tongue's Principles of Vibration is extremely straightforward. It's unlike any other vibrations text I've ever read; at one point, it came shrinkwrapped with a spring that you could attach to a coffee cup (or any weight) to do simple experiments on your own. I used it sophomore year in mechanical engineering.

    EDIT: Good Lord, it's only $5 used on Amazon! You can't beat that.
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    The Practical Vibration Primer by Charles Jackson, is as the name implies, a primer with much immediately useful information and a good supplement to a ME course.
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    I used Rao as an undergrad. I wasn't very helpful.

    Try "Mechanical Vibrations" - Hartog (1985)

    It's a very old book, but the explanations about the fundamentals are the best I've read.

    It's available for around $12 on amazon, and it's free here:

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