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The change in space topologies

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    hello, my name is shaad, i was wondering if both theories of spacial destruction (The Big Crunch and The Big Freeze) could be simplified to fit the consistent expansion rate of space by Hubble's Law. What if the structure of the universe would be altered in a way to have a major unification of matter and energy in the symmetry of the topoligical space , kind of like a curved cylinder placing a largest gravitational feild in the middle. The idea would be consistent towards newton's third law and would mean that we are not moving away from space but vice versa.![/B][/B]
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    I have no idea what you are talking about. That is, I find your post to be incoherent. Maybe it's just me.

    In any case the big crunch and the big freeze cannot be equated. One is death by fire the other by ice. Robert Frost would be very unhappy to hear that you want them to be the same :smile:
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    The big freeze is what is assumed will happen currently. The big crunch is what requires space topology be different. We don't have any observable evidence that our current idea of a flat, homogenous, infinite, and infinitely expanding universe is incorrect.

    It’s best not to speculate on these things, and there is certainly no way to combine the big freeze with the big crunch, expect to speculate about dark energy reversing (instead of accelerating expansion it accelerates collapse) which doesn’t do any good until we understand dark energy. It’s also pointless to wonder whether the universe is actually curved and we can’t measure it (it looks almost assuredly flat) because of sample sizes within the observable universe or whether the universe actually has the topology of say, a torus; until we can test it through experimentation and observation.

    This is if I understand any of what your actual question was about.
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    phinds, i understand all of your confusions as the idea cannot be described to such brevity, i am writing a paper on the structure of space and its multidimensional link with time, describing redshifts and rate of expansion of the universe, time which will be posted on my blog soon.
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    I'm sorry but personal theories are not permitted here as per PF rules.
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