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The Eightfold Way categories which groups of particles?

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    The Eightfold Way categories which groups of particles?
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    Finaly i have been waiting all day...yeaster day for this...damn you and your 1 hour behind me location.

    Now the answer is quirks (i edited it...then i chnged it) but i will learn more about it so i can earn the point sub fairly

    sorry i reread soemthing and saw hadons but when i changed it I dident look at you post but looking at the time stamp u beat me too it
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    "Eightfold Way, classification of subatomic particles known as hadrons into groups on the basis of their symmetrical properties.."
    http://concise.britannica.com/ebc/article?eu=32693 [Broken]
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    yea that was the one i read 1 minuet too late...damn you
    check this little atom builder out here
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    i repeat "particles"
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    Fermions and Bosons??
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    Well there are two things I have heard of this. One deals with baryons (protons et al.)

    The other deals with chemistry and the arrangement of electrons in orbital shells.
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    baryons and mesons
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    KL Kam gets a point!
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    aretn those sub classes of hadons
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    Yep, but that's the two particle answer I was looking for.
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