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The geometry is frozen in

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    “the geometry is frozen in”

    Here are my questions concerning ...
    Soft Physics from RHIC to LHC
    Peter Steinberg


    My understanding of this paper is that once a perfect liquid state has been achieved that this perfect liquid will continue to exist over a large range of density, temp. I don’t see how any changes of those variables can be observed from inside the horizon of the universe. (Irrigardless of your belief in a finite or infinite universe.)

    A change that is progressing at c, and heading towards you cannot be observed nor can you observe a change progressing at c, that is going away from you.

    You cannot see a photon coming towards you nor a photon going away from you.

    Therefore, “change” appears to be “immediate”.

    If the geometry is “frozen in” then only an external clock can record the passage of time. From the point of view of the internal observer, change occur “immediately” yet the existing prior conditions could have existed for an extremely long period of “external time”. “Changes” in the universe could have been “progressing” for a long time and there would be no way of being aware of it and of measuring the “progression”.

    If correct, how would this change our views of the time frame of the evolution of the early universe prior decoupling?

    My second question is ...
    What is temp. and how can it be measured when in a perfect liquid state where “the geometry is frozen in”?

    (Yes, I looked up the wiki discussion on temp.)
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