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The Great Pyramids of Eygpt out of Tires -- Any Ideas How To Make a 30' Building?

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    Would it be possible to build a small 20' X 20' or 30' X 30' building using car tires using maybe one layer tires then black plastic to keep rain out then another layer of tires? If you just stack them vertical for the wall how would you build roof? Stacking them like great pyramids would look nice except I do not know how or if this would work with tires. By the way I can obtain a lot of tires. Draw me a detailed picture how to do.
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    Members are urged to be careful answering this thread. The danger of collapse with heavy materials overhead would take this discussion into dangerous territory. Dangerous topics are not allowed on PF.
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    Build a small model building - say about 4' by 4' by 4' high on the inside. That will answer all of your questions with no danger to you if it collapses. And you can do that in less time than it takes to draw a picture.

    If that works, then a larger building, say about 8' by 8' by 6' high, before building a full scale building.
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    Does it have to be a rectangular building ? Google 'car tire igloo'
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    I am immediately reminded of a common comment "I can do anything you want to pay for." More definition of what your goal is would help. I have observed some very interesting and functional constructions using tires. One of the more intriguing was a large fence over 8 foot in height. The tires were bolted together both through the tread area and through the sidewalls. Approximately every 10 feet there was a large wood post which was cemented into the ground. This fence had the lower section of each tire filled with dirt and was used as the properties garden.
    Was it constructed of tires? Yes, however it was also possibly expensive and labor intensive. Whether that met the persons goals is up to them.
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