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The harmonic oscillator in terms of path integrals without dirac notation

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    Hi, i'm desperately searching for some literature which discusses the harmonic oscillator, preferably simple, in terms of the path integral formulation. I am unfamiliar with dirac notation and want something as simple as possible which gives general results of the harmonic oscillator in terms of path integrals. Also avoiding schroedinger or matrix algebra also in the literature for this particular piece im writing, pure PI formulation is required. Also, internet sources would be easiest.

    I have tried a few books, sakurai, feynman and hibbs and a few others but not found what im looking for. Please if anyone can help me, im on a deadline. Many thanks

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    Hi,maybe i can help you.
    The book named <<Feynman's thesis--a new approach to quantum mechanics>> may be of great use to you!
    Write me an email so that i can give you a reply and send you the book.
    My email is zhaoliang_fly@yahoo.com.cn
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