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Admissions The importance of computer science and math classes for grad school admissions?

  1. Jul 14, 2009 #1
    Say two students both express interest in becoming experimentalists of some sort. They both have research experience with experimentalists, comparable GPA's and GRE's, even similar letters of rec.
    However, one of them took two computer science courses, and the other didn't.
    Would admissions officers take the kid with the programming experience over the kid without it?

    And what about a similar scenario, except the kid instead got a math double major and so ended up with some extra math courses.
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    To be honest I'd think the similarity of your previous research to what the prof has in store for you would be the biggest decider. People who take a course or 2 in CS are not really going to be able to program anything on an academic level anyways (knowing the syntax of a for loop in c++ is only the tiniest of steps towards the full amount of CS knowledge you'd need to design scientific computation algorithms). As for the math, I think a double major in math would be a lot more appealing to a theory student then an experimentalist student.
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