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The range of rocket

  1. Jan 26, 2014 #1
    hello guys
    could anybody tell me the method of finding the range of a rocket launched from height h,
    the rocket of course is under three forces weight,drag and thrust
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    well I don't know the answer since you want to put drag and thrust in the game...
    But for one thing I'm sure about- with your input nobody will be able to answer your question.... why?
    Because whatever you do, the equation you'll have to solve will be a 2nd order Differential equation, so you need 2 inputs (initial position and initial velocity). So giving just the height [itex]h[/itex] you can't get an answer :P
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    the method though is easy-
    x-y axis: x is the horizontal, y the vertical... in each axis the movement of the rocket is independent (i think this is also true for the extra thrust and drag forces). So you solve for each independently. Then you measure how long it will move on the y axis, and put that time in the x(t) you'll have obtained. Let's say that time t=T... then the range will be R=x(T)
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