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The Schwarzschild metric

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    The solution for the Schwarzschild metric is stated from reference 1 as:

    [tex]ds^2=- \left(1-\frac{r_s}{r}\right) c^2 dt^2 + \left(1-\frac{r_s}{r}\right)^{-1}dr^2+r^2(d \theta^2 +\sin^2 \theta d \phi^2)[/tex]

    The solution for the Schwarzschild metric is stated from references 2 as:

    [tex]ds^2 = \left(1 - \frac{r_s}{r} \right) c^2 dt^2 - \left(1 - \frac{r_s}{r} \right)^{-1} dr^2 - r^2 \left(d \theta^2 + \sin^2 \theta d \phi^2 \right)[/tex]

    The solution for the Schwarzschild metric is stated from references 3 as:
    [tex]ds^2 = \left(1 - \frac{r_s}{r} \right) c^2 dt^2 - \left(1 - \frac{r_s}{r} \right)^{-1} dr^2 - r^2 \left(d \theta^2 - \sin^2 \theta d \phi^2 \right)[/tex]

    [tex]r_s[/tex] - Schwarzschild radius

    There is a difference in the sign of the elements between the stated solutions.

    Which is the correct solution?

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    Did you check any references outside of wikipedia?

    By the looks, the only difference is the sign convention: is it spacelike or timelike intervals that are represented by real lengths? For what purpose do you want one to be "correct"?
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    Might want to double-check your signs on this one. The third reference looks like it gives the same as the second reference (but distributing the last parenthetical). The differences between the first two are probably just convention, as cesiumfrog said.
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    Why don't you read chapter 7 of Carroll's notes and check for yourself (for one thing, I know that the arbitrariness of the sign is mentioned)
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