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News The So Called New World Order

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    Some of you may or may not have heard of a group called the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderburg" [Broken] (along with a hefty helping of insane conspiracy, screaming at cars, and bias).

    I personally believe that elites who are doing things that the people want don't meet behind closed doors under tight security and secrecy. I think that the evidence for the more ghastly versions of the conspiracy is shaky at best, but I feel as though the puzzle pieces are in no way being forced together, and that there may be something there.
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    In my experience, many young people today believe that the world around us is controlled by (usually rich) people lurking in the shadows.

    I think they believe that because the alternative is so truly frightening - and empowering: that no one's in control of this world. You have the reins to your life in your own hands.
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    No ? Really ? You can't be serious ! :yuck: :tongue2:

    Also, the problem with any theory about a "new world order" is that after a while, it becomes an old world order...
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