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The Story of the US Constitution

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    Probably not a bad idea, and not just for new immigrants. I think a lot of people would be surprised about what's in there and what's not in there. It's not that hard to read the document itself. The language is a bit dated, but clear. It's not written in "legalese" and it's not all that long, only about 8 pages in the NY Times Almanac. It might run about about 15-20 pages in larger print, especially if the inoperative parts are included and shown in italics or with a single line through the text (such as the part about slaves counting 3/5 of a person for the census). These parts, of course, have been superseded by amendments.

    An interesting read for the beach on a hot summer day.
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    I think it's a big mistake to cut corners and expect less of people who want to join our melting pot. It's always been a goal of immigrants to assimilate and become an American, learn the language and live the American dream. The fewer common beliefs, knowledge, and interests - the greater the divides. I should probably label this IMO - although supporting might be easy as one only needs to point to the disconnect in Europe.
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