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The surface of Mars, the loss it’s of atmosphere and the fate of earth.

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    The surface of Mars, the loss it’s of atmosphere and the fate of earth.

    I think that what we would expect on earth (the potential of the earth's electro-magneto-dynamic) is not on Mars. We will not find a molten core, nor a strong atmosphere. The rotational speed of Mars is adequate but the degrees of tip of the axis as it faces the solar winds is such that creating or sustaining the electro-magneto-dynamic fired core will never again be possible. Without that dynamic in place there will never again be the possibility success of any terra-forming of Mars for any real life force. It may have been a shift in the poles of Mars of more or less than 23 degrees (a perfect angle of attack for optimal excitation/interaction of magnetic lines of flux working with an atmosphere) that creates the dynamo like potential creation that works to sustain a positive electro-gravonic attraction that would sustain atmospheres from aquatic to troposphere.
    IT may have been a shift in polar location in relation to is axis that could have allowed Mar's atmosphere to escape or to Martian terrestrial conditions to deteriorate to the degree that its atmosphere to degrade to the levels we see today.
    When you consider that clime changes have occurred in the earth's past with such speed that animals have been found that had died or frozen to death so quickly they could not digest green vegetation before they gave in to hypothermia.
    There can not be any clime change that could occur or be driven to such a instantaneous change other than by being provoked by a polar shift in its magnetic signature. This shift if, it aligned itself outside of the optimum 23 degrees, would have had such an instantaneous effect on weather patterns! It may be that the dynamic of atmospheric excitation to a solar wind in concert with attack angles of a rotating planet coupled with and created by and from a molten iron core can degrade or sustain climate conditions as we have seen presently or in the past.
    Not only are solar winds a main contributing factor but the ability to a participating planet curtail for life as we know it today. All the factors as delicately balanced as we have enjoyed here on earth can be thrown off for any of a number of events that could end life on earth so fast that there would be nothing to do but to just watch.
    The possibilities includes the complete loss of atmosphere, the cooling of the core at super fast rates, ice ages that occur in weeks or less and the raw invasion of high radiation which would bake the earth like it has on Mars.
    The moving of the location of magnetic poles on earth would change the critical co-axle tilt of the earth’s attack angle to the sun’s solar wind and this will of course change the magnetic strength of the earth as well as its gravitational signature as it relates to the moon staying within its orbit, the speed the earth motors against the moon and eventually the stability of the earth to refrain from ever growing “wobble” effect in its rotation as the moon translates to a ever father distance from earth.
    Should we be asking ourselves what such sustained interests in man made changes to our atmosphere, our growing use of the earth for a reference for the production of electricity and the pursuit of operations like HAARP has on the magnetic polar position stability?

    Jeff Savage
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    Terra forming Mars: the acquiring of an atmosphere and the ignition of a molten core

    Terra forming Mars: the acquiring of an atmosphere and the ignition of a molten core for atmospheric stabilization.

    If we were to wave a magic wand over Mars to that we could create a garden planet, what would be the first thing that we would need to create?
    I believe that a molten core would be one of the first objects on that list. The mapping of the Martian magnetic lines of flux and the realization of its relationship to the Martian axis of planetary rotation, would be another. The any reality of creating an atmosphere is almost an impossibility without a planetary object that will operate in such a way as to insure that such an attempt of granting atmospheric gifts stay around long enough to build upon and tailor.
    The next project would be to research what it takes to “move” polar magnetic orientation when we find that it is not where we want it. Mars does have an embryonic atmospheric that is good enough to “start” the process of igniting its core but we need it to fire up to its full potential. We need it to recreate a strong enough gravitational signature to take a sacrificial gift that we would feed to the Martian creature we want to build. We need to provide Mars with a new moon. What moon would be perfect for Mars. Europa. With a close orbit of said moon Mars will take what it needs and eventually strip Europa of its water while doing double duty as a harmonic stabilizer to the Martian rotational orientation.
    Now I realize that we can’t move Europa YET, but we are talking about my magic wand right?!!? AND we do have an interest in just where our earth’s own polar magnetic location is and where it will stay or where it will move. I will bet the farm that we will find out that solar output is not the culprit for the ice ages and when they visit us, BUT it will prove out that where the magnetic flux lines are in relation to our earth’s rotational axis as its orientation in degrees of tilt to the solar winds that predicate whether or not we survive here on earth. Even our moon hands in the balance.
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