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The title? (one of Dirac's books)

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    the title?? (one of Dirac's books)

    Two months ago, I talked with an old foreign professor about the non-local hidden variable. He was very interested in it. He said he had read one of Dirac’s books years ago. It says if the non-local hidden variable exists, then the quantum theory is nonlinear.
    Unfortunately I didn’t note the title of the book and now I forget it.
    Does someone know it?
    Looking for your help.
    Best wishes.
    Thank you.
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    Probably "lectures on quantum mechanics", but I haven't read it myself. He didn't write that many books, so it should be easy to find. He did write a good many papers, of course.
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    "Principles of Quantum Mechanics" was the textbook that he wrote. I don't know if this is what you're looking for though. Interestingly, I heard that this was the standard text in the universities for many years.
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    There is a way of decoupling the complex Schroedinger equation into an equivalent set of two real equations, and this allows for the possibility of non-local hidden variables, but this theory is nonlinear. Search for "Bohmian Mechanics" or "De Broglie Pilot Wave."
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