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Medical The woman who can remember everything

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    For years she remained anonymous, referred to only by initials in scientific journals while experts at the University of California-Irvine tested her ability.

    Mrs Price said her memory started working overtime after her family moved to Los Angeles when she was eight and from the time she was 14, in 1980, she can remember absolutely everything.

    Neuroscientists say a trauma such as moving the family home can trigger major, lingering changes in the brain, especially in children who cling to memories of how their life had been. Mrs Price said: "Some memories are good and give me a warm, safe feeling.

    "But I also recall every bad decision, insult and excruciating embarrassment. Over the years it has eaten me up. It has kind of paralysed me."

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    That has got to be like torture. I can understand why she spent years suffering from depression, and lack of sleep.
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    If she has a kid, she'll probably never do that again. :surprised As I understand it, most women only reproduce repeatedly because they block the memory of what it felt like the first time.
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    Well, if that's all it takes, we may have a problem, and not just declining population ;) If one move gave this woman an autobiographical memory, I figure I should have genetic memory, telekinesis, and the inner eye by now. What they found about the brain is interesting, though. Is it possible to determine just how many "bytes" of space those memories take up? Beside nightmares and insomnia, does her memory affect any other portion of her life?
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