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Theories of relativity and the resulting E = MC^2

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    Einstein"s theories of relativity and the resulting E = MC^2, although extremely important to physics, was not his greatest insight. His idea that time is not fixed, that it can run infinitely slow or possibly infinitely fast was the most important.

    If there was a Big Bang, that suggests at one second after the BB then the universe had an edge. If that is true then the universe should have an edge now. The universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. Doesn't that imply that time at the edge now is much faster than at the BB?
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    Re: Insight

    No, the topology of spacetime described by the big bang does not imply a bounded universe, even if the universe is finite. Consider a 2-sphere, it has a finite surface area, but no edges.
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    Re: Insight

    I don't think he would agree with that.

    Not necessarily.

    Again, not necessarily.

    Not really.

    I would suggest that it's probably better to learn what conventional theory says before theorizing yourself.
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    Re: Insight

    The second is a component of the first!
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